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About Gregg Website Development
Gregg Website Development is a full service website design/development and internet consulting company located in Southern California, servicing both individuals and small to medium-sized business.

Establish YOUR Internet Presence
We specialize in providing an internet presence that is uniquely tailored to your business. We will work closely with you to find out exactly what you want and will design a website on that accord. Through our history on the internet, we know what works on the internet and what doesn't. We've tested and used many different technologies and strive to find the best for your particular needs.

Communication is the key to a great website
Most websites can be completed in 1-3 weeks depending on your needs. Some can be up and running in a single day! Communication is the key. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your website, but this requires input from you. The more you tell us about what you want, what you don't want, what you like, and what you don't like, the better we can design your website to meet your exact needs. Good communication will also allow your website to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

With the internet, possibilities are endless... but we focus on how to use the internet to achieve what you want it to do for your business.

Gregg Website Development History
The internet is a place of continual change. From website technologies to browsers to mainstream high speed internet connections, internet technologies have grown to the level where the internet is now a useful place for everyone and every business. Gregg website development and internet consulting has been there during this pronounced history developing websites and marketing plans to help businesses succeed every step of the way.

We are professionals in the field, bringing you years of website development experience. We have experience building everyting from small personal sites to full-fleged e-commerce sites. We pride ourselves in being agrasp of the latest development and promotion techniques and using this knowledge to help our clients websites' achieve their maximum potential.

Gregg Website Development Today
Today, the internet has obtained the broad acceptance by millions of people that rely on it each and every day. Business, students, and the general public have become dependent on the internet. Gone are the days when people thought the internet was short lived and useless for anything other than information. The internet now is the primary means for conducting business for many individuals. Businesses have seen the advantage of being able to offer lower prices and wider selections due to the decreased overhead costs that the internet brings.

Gregg website development has been with the internet from the ground-up. We know how to make the Internet work for you. The key factors in the success of any website are visibility and useability. If your website cannot be found by a targeted group, it will fail. Visibility is everything when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website. Once you have the traffic, you want to keep the visitors there and keep them coming back. A well-functioning and appealing website goes a long way in turning visitors into customers and customers into repeat customers. Our website and marketing plans are designed around these two principles. For success you need visitors and you need these visitors to become customers. If this sounds like a recipe you can work with, then we're there for you. Your success is our success. Our team treats our clients websites' as if they represent our own business.

The Future of Gregg Website Development
Gregg website development strives to keep on the cutting edge of internet and website technologies. Our team enjoys the challenges we have worked with in the past and looks ahead to solving new problems, meeting new deadlines and helping our clients achieve their goals on the internet. We know the internet and we want to help you succeed. Let us earn your business.

Gregg Website Tools
Search Enable Website
Add a search feature to any website.
Keyword Density
Check the keyword density of your website.
HTTP Header Viewer
View the HTTP headers of any webpage.
Reverse DNS Lookup
Get the host name of an IP Address.
DNS Lookup
Get the IP Address of a website.
Spider Simulator
Simulate a SE Spider.
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