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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Methods
Search engine optimization is a highly specialized and ever-changing process. Search engines use certain criteria to rank websites by relavancy to a keyword search. Relavancy is determined by many factors and these factors weigh differently among the many popular search engines today. The first goal of search engine optimization is to make the site more relavant to certain keyword searches for most of the major search engines.

There are many sites today that will offer to submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of search engines. At first glance, this may sound like a good idea - why not be in every search engine known to man? The first thing to do is ask yourself how many search engines you have used or come across. For most people the only search engines used are the major search engines such as Google, MSN, AOL, Dogpile, Overture, Hotbot, and AltaVista, and the majority of these people only will use one or two of these. The clear goal of search engine optimization is then to focus on ranking better in these major search engines. There's no need to waste time and money trying to get into hundreds or thousands of search engines that no one uses.

Our goal as web developers is to understand the workings of the major search engines so that we can develop or alter websites so that they will do well in all of the major search engines. Here are some of the things that we incorporate into our search engine optimization techniques:
  • Content is King - Each page of your website needs to be focused around a main topic and there should be text relating to this topic that is laid out in a hierarchical formula. Each page needs a relevant title, header, possibly subheaders, and content relating to the topic of the page.
  • The alt tag of images should contain keyword-rich text.
  • The length of a page should not be excessive and should not stray from the main topic of the page.
  • Ideally, a page on a certain topic includes links to other pages at your web site that also discuss the topic of the page.
  • You have good link popularity. Having other relevant sites link to yours is extremely important especially if there is a lot of competition with your keywords. With good content and well functioning website, you will get linked from relevant sites in time.
  • Link with keywords - Do other sites link to you with "Click Here" or is the topic of the linked page contained in the link? Which principle do links in your site follow?
  • Have you used any search engine spamming techniques to trick the search engines into ranking you higher? Hopefully not. These techniques will only hurt your site in the long run. Some website owners have unknowingly paid for website promotion services that actually do great harm to a website's search engine ranking. Don't be tricked by these kinds of people; be sure you understand the techniques that they will use to optimize your site.
  • Focus on remaining user friendly.
As part of our website development services, we offer search engine optimization. The best way to gain customers in a brick and morter store is to be in a high traffic area. You can offer snowmobiles in the middle of the Mojave Desert and have the best prices, displays, and service in the country, but chances are you'll be out of business long before your first sale. On the internet, things are pretty similar to the brick and morter story above. You can have a great website with great products and prices, but if no one can find you, you're not going to sell anything. Sure you can pay for people to visit your site with one of the many pay-per-click programs on the internet today. While we think pay-per-click is a good option, it should never be primary. What we tell you is to is to build your business in a place that already has a lot of traffic. But how is this possible on the internet? Have a professional develop your website so that it is optimized to rank well in relevant search engine queries. Go where the traffic is; on the internet, the traffic is acheived by ranking on the first page of search engine results with keyword searches that people actually use. If your site is buried deep in the search engine results, you're not going to see the traffic that is possible. Good search engine placement starts with the developer of the website. With a well-developed content-rich website you should have no need to require expensive search engine optimization experts to analyze and modify your site.

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