Pricing of Website Development

What is the typical price range for website development?

The price of website development will vary greatly based on what you want out of the website development process. Developing a simple five page website may cost under $500 and be completed in as soon as 1 day. A large e-commerce website with custom administration features will cost thousands of dollars and make take a month to complete. Very large projects may require a complete team of web developers assigned different tasks on the job in order for the job to be completed by deadline. The more intensive and larger the website development project, the greater the cost.

Will the cost be the same from any website developer?

NO. Professional website developer rates vary from about $50 an hour to over $120 an hour. There may be differneces in the level of service that each can provide, there may not be. A quality website developer will examine what you need and what your budget is and let you know what they can offer under those criteria. A free estimate of the total cost of the website develpment services should be provided by any professional website developer.

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