Website Development Process

The website development process.

The first step of the website development process is an idea. From the idea comes the website. That's where the website developer comes in. The website developer should have an initial consultation with the company for which the website is being developed. During this consultation, the ultimate goals of the website should be discussed. Through this discussion, the website developer will have a better idea of the direction to take the website development process. From this, the website can be custom suited to meet the clients exact needs.

The second step of website development is the development process where the web developer creates the website with the clients exact needs in mind. The development process will likely include creation of custom scripts to give the website increased functionality and allow the client an administration area where they can go to edit or update the website after it is completed.

The third step of the website development process is testing and demonstration. During this phase, the website is uploaded to the internet for testing and review of the website by the client. The client may then suggest changes modifications to the looks and/or functionality of the website. From these suggested changes, the website development expert will make the changes or suggestions to the client based on experience of what should be done instead. The web developer will make the changes and allow the clients review again. This part of the website development process will continue until the client is happy with the job.

The website is done, uploaded, but what now?
At this point the job of the website development team has just begun. The professional website developers must now completely test and retest the site to assure seamless functionality. The website should have been created in a search engine optimized manner from the beginning of the job. If not, then search engine optimization must be completed now. After this point, the website must be submitted to the popular search engines. The website development experts should take care of this as they have more knowledge on the subject than the client. The website developer will optimize and promote the site.

The future of your site depends on website development services.
That's right, the website development process doesn't stop there. After your site is live and active for a while, you will certainly notice things that you want changes and evaluation of your website statistics will revel what should be done to better promote your website.

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