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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance
Does your website need some work? We deliver tailored website development services to fit your needs and budget. Let our reliable and friendly professional website development staff give you a free quote today. No job is too large or small!

Website Maintenance Packages
All of our packages are aimed at maintenance of your current website and scalable growth. Our packages allow you to have your current website maintained and offer an affordable program for growth of your website and your business. Did you know that the more content and detail that you add to your website, the more visitors you will get? It's true. The size of a website and the amount of content within that website will positively affect your search engine traffic.

We're sure you'll find our range of website maintenance packages suitable for your site. These packages represent an affordable monthly solution to your website maintenance and growth.

Maintenance packages are offered on discount pre-paid hourly plans. The hours included with our maintenance plans can be used for any of our services including custom HTML, PHP, MySQL, graphic work, text edits, page additions, site additions, site-redesign work, etc. Hours are purchased on a pre-paid basis and can be used for the duration of the month. Unused hours expire at the end of the month. Excess hours will be billed at normal hourly rates, we will contact you first if this occurs.

Why purchase pre-paid website development hours?
Discounts! Simply stated, if you plan on a certain amount of website maintenance per month we can help reduce your maintenance costs. If you are unsure how much maintenance you need we can instead bill at our standard hourly rates. Or, contact us with your monthly needs and we'll recommend a plan to help save you money!

We waste none of your purchased time
We keep track of the time we spend on your website to the nearest minute. If an update takes 2 minutes, we remove 2 minutes from your allotted time, no minimums. We can often offer same day service to any of your website maintenance needs. If you have an urgent request, let us know, we'll take care of it.

The Gregg Difference
Other website development companies offer maintenance plans that include only basic changes such as text edits or addition of images. The hours included in our maintenance plans can be used for any of our design, development, or graphic services. Custom PHP, database development, HTML design, redesign, updates, upgrades, software installation, consultation, and of course basic site edits are just a few of the things you can do with our website maintenance plans.

Need a professional on your team?
Is your in-house staff not cutting it when it comes to your website? Our website maintenance plans are the perfect affordable solution for you to add a professional website developer to your team for much less than hiring another employee. We're on-call as you need us. We know you work hard to make your business succeed. We take that spirit in everything we do, achieving great results time after time. We're your cost-effective solution for the growth of your website and business.


Compare our Website Maintenance Packages

Ask us which plan is right for you

Attention new & prospective clients: we want your business! Try us out for one month with additional discounts!

All new clients will be billed at a discounted rate for the first month of service!

Package M-3 : 3 HOURS PER MONTH
Package M-3 is our basic website maintenance package for small sites. It includes 3 hours of website maintenance on a monthly basis. [terms]
» Normal rate x 3 hours: $165.00/month - not prepaid ($55.00/hour)
» Discounted plan rate: $135.00/month - prepaid
You save: $30.00/month
» New Client Special:
$120.00 for the first month.

Package M-10 : 10 HOURS PER MONTH
Package M-10 is our basic website maintenance package for medium-sized sites. It includes 10 hours of website maintenance on a monthly basis. [terms]
» Normal rate x 10 hours: $550.00/month - not prepaid ($55.00/hour)
» Discounted plan rate: $450.00/month - prepaid
You save: $100.00/month
» New Client Special:
$400.00 for the first month.

Package M-21 : 21 HOURS PER MONTH
Package M-21 is our top level website maintenance package. It includes 21 hours of website maintenance on a monthly basis. [terms]
» Normal rate x 21 hours: $1155.00/month - not prepaid ($55.00/hour)
» Discounted plan rate: $900.00/month - prepaid
You save: $255.00/month
» New Client Special:
$800.00 for the first month.

One-Time Maintenance
Just looking for an on-call maintenance solution? We're here when you need us.
» Hourly work of any type: $55.00/hour (discounts for 20 or more hours)

Compare our Website Maintenance Packages

Custom Maintenance Solution
Do the plans above not meet your exact needs? We'll design you a custom package tailored to your exact needs at comparable prices. Contact us for a quote.

Terms of maintenance plans:

For all discounted maintenance plans, monthly payment is due before work begins for any given month.

All new clients will receive the first month of service at our highest discount level for the chosen plan. Existing clients who have not used our prepaid plans are also welcome to take advantage of the discounted first month offer. This is a one-month commitment available to any new client with no contract or long-term agreements.

Monthly service begins on the date that work begins on your project and continues exactly 1 month from that day. Hours do not roll-over from month to month. You have 1 month to use the hours you paid for and any unused hours expire at the end of the billing cycle for that month. For example, if you pay on March 16, 2006, and work on your project commences on March 17, 2006, the hours for that month will expire on April 17, 2006 at 11:59 PM PST. If you send us the last bit of work on April 17th, 2006, and we can't get to it before April 18th, 2006, the remaining hours will still apply to the work that has already been slated before the expiration of the hours.

Hours exceeding the prepaid allotment will be billed according to our hourly rate pricing table. Hours purchased in any of our prepaid plans will apply to the discounted hourly rate pricing schedule shown here. We will notify you in advance before exceeding your prepaid hours.

Refunds or compensation for any expired hours will not be provided with any of our pre-paid maintenance plans. This is a necessary measure to keep the system free from abuse and to keep our package prices low.

Please contact us with any questions.

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