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Website Upgrades

Website Upgrades
Have you decided it's time to add a new feature to your website but not sure where to begin? Do you need website consulting services to help figure out how to achieve your website goals?

We can install ready-made scripts, customize them to suit your needs, or build you completely custom scripts.

Get a free no obligation custom quote here.

Ready-Made Script Categories
More information about these scripts can be obtained at the PHP Resource Index. We can install the scripts or customized them further to suite your needs. Many scripts are free, some have a charge.
  • Access Counters

  • Display how many visitors you've had in a text-based or graphical manner.
  • Advertisements

  • Set up banner rotations on your web page and track their statistics.
  • Auctions

  • Conduct online web-based auctions using these PHP scripts.
  • Audio Management

  • Manage and provide audio files in different formats for users to listen to.
  • Bulletin Board Message Systems

  • On-line message forums allowing for threaded discussions.
  • Calendars

  • Schedule events on-line and/or allow users to post dated information.
  • Chat

  • Real time chat scripts for use on the web. These often bog down a server.
  • Classified Ads

  • Users can post information on buying, selling and/or trading possessions.
  • Clients and Servers

  • These PHP scripts run as web-based clients and servers to popular protocols.
  • Code Development

  • These PHP scripts aid in the development of web-based applications.
  • Commerce and Finance

  • Commerce and finance scripts including calculators, credit cards, etc.
  • Content Retrieval

  • Retrieve and integrate content of all kinds into your web site.
  • Customer Support

  • From knowledge bases and e-mail ticketing to real-time customer support.
  • Database Manipulation

  • These scripts allow for the creation, editing and manipulation of databases.
  • Date and Time

  • Display the current time on your web page in an image or text-based format.
  • E-Mail Utilities

  • Interact with e-mail servers, send web-based e-mail and more.
  • Editing Web Pages

  • Allow users or administrators to create and edit pages through the web.
  • Education

  • These PHP scripts are useful in an educational environment.
  • File Management

  • These scripts allow you to manage your files and directories via the Web.
  • Form Processing

  • Process basic forms and most send results through e-mail or log to a file.
  • Games

  • Web-based games written in PHP available for downloading. Have fun!
  • Guestbooks

  • Guestbooks allow visitors to your web site to sign in and leave a message.
  • Homepage Communities

  • Allow visitors to create their own web pages on your site using these scripts.
  • Images and Graphs

  • These aid in displaying or modifying images in different ways and formats.
  • Instant Messaging

  • Everything from ICQ lists to full blown instant messaging systems.
  • Internet Utilities

  • Wide range of standard Internet programs including whois, finger, etc.
  • Link Management

  • All forms of link management on your web site, many allowing users to add.
  • Logging Accesses and Statistics

  • Track the number of visitors to your site and log other useful information.
  • Mailing Lists

  • Everything from full blown mailing lists to management of existing systems.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Many scripts don't warrant a category of their own, so they reside here.
  • News Posting

  • These scripts help you post news and updates to your site and manage them.
  • Online Organizers

  • Everything to stay organized online, such as address books, planners, etc.
  • Postcards

  • Allow visitors to your web page to send an internet postcard to someone.
  • Random Items

  • Everything random, including random links, text, images, pages and more!
  • Redirection

  • Redirect users in several different ways. Jump boxes, browser/error based, etc.
  • Searching

  • Perform searches on web pages and sites using keywords and phrases.
  • Server Management

  • Make it easier to maintain your servers and monitor their actions.
  • Shopping Carts

  • Set up shop on the web with these shopping cart and catalog programs.
  • Survey and Voting

  • Conduct surveys or take votes on the web to find out what's popular.
  • User Management

  • Member management and password protection schemes for your site.
  • Web Page Design

  • Site navigation, page re-formatting and many other page design utilities.
  • Website Promotion

  • Promote your web site with the help of these PHP scripts.

Gregg Website Tools
Search Enable Website
Add a search feature to any website.
Keyword Density
Check the keyword density of your website.
HTTP Header Viewer
View the HTTP headers of any webpage.
Reverse DNS Lookup
Get the host name of an IP Address.
DNS Lookup
Get the IP Address of a website.
Spider Simulator
Simulate a SE Spider.
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